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Jason Franklin, NYU adjunct professor of philanthropy and chief executive officer of New York City-based Bolder Giving, is an activist for increasing the role of charitable giving in everyone's life. His organization, supported by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, spotlights everyday philanthropists who live a new model of compassionate generosity and offers tools to help others who want to incorporate philanthropy into their own lives.

Professor Franklin is noted for his passion to educate America's youth that income and wealth of all levels carry a duty to meaningfully support less fortunate others. In his role as a nonprofit head and philanthropy thought leader, Jason is tireless in calling for Outrageous Generosity from business leaders, companies of every size and people at all income levels as the most direct route to solving important social problems.

A frequent expert commentator for national media outlets, Jason Franklin is a popular speaker and author of the upcoming book Outrageous Generosity (Sutton Hart Press).

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Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Giving Resolutions 1/5 - Give More!

Thanks also to Jennifer Corriggio, Bolder Giving's program fellow, for help in drafting this blog series.
When people ask me what Bolder Giving does, I explain that we work to inspire people to...
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Jason Franklin
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