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How Much to Give?

September 3rd, 2011

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion sparked by the Giving Pledge about what level people should give at and what targets are the most effective for mobilizing people to give. While there is obviously no one answer, I find the diversity of approaches a powerful rather than distracting reality. For some, an invitation to give 1% will be a doable but major step while others are open and interested in giving at much higher percentages of their income, assets, or business profits.  

At Bolder Giving, our fundamental belief is that we have a capacity to give more than we know. We collect and share stories of people giving beyond the norm as a way of providing inspiration and role models for bigger giving. Indeed many of our stories profile individuals giving 50% or even 90% of their income, assets or profits to a wide range of issues and communities.

For many, the journey to give starts from their faith. Many religious communities call for donating a percent of one’s income, wealth or production (agricultural or manufactured goods) either to their religious institution or to charity in general. This practice encompasses most major world religions including Buddhism (d?na), Christianity (tithing), Hinduism (dashamamsha), Islam (zakat), Judaism (ma'aser kesafim), and Sikhism (dasvand). In addition to spiritual beliefs, we’ve encountered many other motivations for giving beyond the norm - a pursuit of fairness, a desire for impact, passion for a cause, personal satisfaction, or a desire for cultural or personal simplicity.

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