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New Year's Giving Resolutions

January 2nd, 2013
Over the last two weeks, one conversation that came up repeatedly is the question of New Year's resolutions. In particular I've been asked for ideas about giving-related resolutions. If you haven't made a resolution yet (neither have I...I think anytime in early Jan works!), here are a couple I've come up with that have gotten good reactions:
  • Connect your giving to your spending - What if you give a dollar for every $10 you spend, or even 1:1 if you have the capacity? Would you change your spending to give more? Do you have more capacity to give than you realize?
  • Give one big gift - Try making one gift that is bigger than you've ever made. Maybe you add $50, maybe it's 100 times more, maybe you add a zero - just pick a way to take a step up (even if you have to rearrange other gift amounts). See what it's like to think through making a bigger gift and what joy you can get from the experience.
  • Give by forgoing appreciation - If you feel you have sufficient assets, what would happen if you gave all appreciation on your investments this year? If this is too big, what if you gave all appreciation over a certain amount or percent?
  • Engage others in your giving - Try changing how you give for ayear to experience other approaches to giving. Invite your family to decide with you. Give a certain amount to several friends to give on your behalf. Pool your giving with others by joining a giving circle.
If you've made or are considering a giving-related New Year's resolution, I would love to hear about it! Shoot me an email and we can support each other in our resolutions...once I decide mine. :-)


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