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Next Gen Donors: What Will They Do Differently?
Global “Next Gen” Trends

December 2nd, 2013


The Alliance Magazine December 2013 issues came out today.  Here's the opening paragraph:

I’ve been a ‘next gen’ donor for 13 years, ever since I began getting involved in philanthropy after discovering as a graduate student that my family had a small foundation. Slowly philanthropy began to permeate every part of my life. Even as I continued working as a community organizer it emerged as part of my academic work, where I began to research the impact of philanthropy on policy change; as a volunteer, I became a deeply engaged board member of several foundations. Finally, in 2010, I shifted my professional work into philanthropy when I became the first full-time executive director of Bolder Giving. So when I was invited to serve as the guest editor for this Alliance special feature exploring the dynamics of ‘next gen’ philanthropy globally, I leapt at the chance.


Here's the rest of it: 




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