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When do people decide to give big?

April 4th, 2012

The last few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about the turning points in my giving journey, and in the journeys of other Bold Givers. When did we decide to give big? Why? The reasons are complicated and unique for each person, but one common thread is simple - someone asked.

Last month, our featured Bold Giver Jim Whitton talked about his "ah ha" moment during a Hunger Project conference where he committed to a $100,000 gift, a huge jump personally and one that transformed him and his giving for the rest of his life. 

Harry & Carol Saal similarly talk about growing into their giving through engagement with the Stanford Medical Center and a turning point when they were asked to make a lead gift for the Center's capital campaign - one that was 10 times bigger than any gift they'd done before. After saying yes they continued their journey to giving big, reflecting now on "how much greater the joy and pleasure we have gotten in return."

I didn't have as clear an epiphany as Jim nor as Harry & Carol. There wasn't one ask that changed my giving. Instead like Carol Newell, our featured Bold Giver this month, I realized over time that I had enough and that I could do more - and it's been a fun and wild ride ever since I accepted that realization! Similarly, by her late 30's, Carol realized she was "confident and wise enough to understand that I could use my money to support things I really care about." Trust me when I say that you should join me on April 19th to hear about all the amazing things she cares about and has done!

As you think about what has or might move you to give big, I'd love to hear about your experiences. If there are ways that our team here at Bolder Giving can support you, please ask!

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